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We update our examples on a regular basis, however, some of our productions are content sensitive, especially interviews and vox pops and therefore can’t be made public. If there is a particular style or type of video that interests you, please get in touch and we will upload a private link, especially for you.

This video is a short animation of video statistics. It represents just a few of what we actually found but they were accurate at the time of production but by now may well have increased.


We’ve created numerous product videos for distribution to their outlet sites – Argos, Tescos, John Lewis etc. This example was created purely from stills and animated using After Effects. Clean, informative, to the point and very cost effective.



– a charitable organisation supporting sports clubs and individuals in Milton Keynes. Filming took place over an 8 month period and included all clubs who agreed to be in it!


Northampton Alive

Promotional video showing the successes and future plans for Northampton town. Working very closely with the marketing team this was filmed over a three day period and editing took just over that.

An update to the first Northampton Alive video showing the success of Northampton Borough Council’s projects.


Northampton Sight Centre – Official Launch

Our latest production for Northamptonshire’s Association for the Blind


Recording Masterclass

George Massenburg and Chuck Ainlay demonstrate their skills in how to produce a perfect recording. For us with our interest in audio recording, this was an opportunity that couldn’t be missed. This short edit is a pilot for what is intended to be a complete masterclass. This was a three camera shoot over two days so we have in excess of 24 hours of footage to be edited. If this could be of interest to you, please drop us a mail and let us know.


Filming in India

Another amazing opportunity for 4thought. We travelled to Deli, took a 6 hour train ride to Dehradun, then a 6 hour drive to the foothills of the Himalayas. This was a two camera shoot over three days and was to show what had been achieved with this project that had been started two years earlier after receiving a £20,000 donation from a UK based company, Elan Recruitment. The experience was amazing!


Izzy Ferrada

British female BMX champion Izzy Ferrada interview at the BMX track in Milton Keynes. This video is an example of an interview with one camera and cut away shots.


Team building through cookery

Out of all the teambuilding events we’ve filmed, this is the only one that really builds a team.


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