Music Videos

We take all video productions very seriously but can’t deny that there is a special pleasure in filming & recording music. Some of our productions are planned, structured and pre-production meetings ensure that the results are exactly what the client wants. Some are spontaneous and impromptu. Whatever the intention, planned or otherwise, we strive to capture the best footage and audio to produce videos that can be enjoyed in terms of visual and sound.

Party in a tent

My wife & I were invited to a party but we had a video shoot the next day. We agreed to go for a couple of hours because we knew that Eve Selis would be doing a set. We had no plans to film but the gear was in the car and when the band started, it was so good I couldn’t help myself. We rushed around a bit, set-up one camera on a tripod, the other was hand held and started to film, just for our own entertainment. The band were rocking and in spite of the impromptu decision to film and even though the hand held is a bit shaky, I felt a couple of tracks worthy of sharing – enjoy!

David Cattermole

A great singer/songwriter from the Milton Keynes area. This track, recorded in a studio in Buckingham, is of his album Travelling Man. I just wish we had filmed more off the album.

Peter Parker

Peter, again from Milton Keynes and another great singer/songwriter but a little more ‘pop oriented’, almost ‘Beatle’ like. This video was shot on location at the Marshall Amps Theatre in Bletchley, Carnaby Street and Hyde Park, all in one day!


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