Video conveys the unique personality and values of a business far more effectively than static text and images can ever achieve, making a potential customer’s decision easy…
…and we’re confident you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how affordable video has become.

4Thought began in 2001 and since then have achieved some remarkable productions for their clients. The variety and breadth of work has shown an astounding dedication to visual communication and a commitment to levels of creativity rarely seen in the corporate arena.

This is what we do!

More recently, we have developed skills in Motion Graphics with the use of Adobe After Effects. This enables us to work with video, stills, text and sound and create stunning productions in any shape, any size and mastered in any format.

Our preferred editing software is now Adobe Premiere Pro, which is available in our editing suite or as a portable option on an Asus Quad core laptop. We can also offer Final Cut Pro on Apple Mac.


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